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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Almighty PS3 hacked!

Geohotz, already famous for hacking the iPhone earlier, has released information to the public about the flaws in Sony's system, the PS3. Geohotz claims he has full control of the system's memory, which is not very good news for Sony. With this power, the PS3's security is able to be bypassed and gives the hacker full control of the system. This means custom firmwares, burned playstation games. We can already imagine where this leads to: PS2 all over again, except with Blurays instead of DVD's this time. A few games have already been ripped and uploaded on torrent sites, and you are able to play them via storage device.

However, this may not be such bad news for Sony. A very large user base is not very tech savvy, and will not take advantage of these exploits, and it's possible we will see a noticeable increase in sales due to these new features...

Only time will tell. What are your plans for your system?


  1. Hackers ruin everything =\ I mean...they make it better SOMETIMES, but there are just some things that shouldn't be tampered with to bring cheating into the online games. It ruins everyones' experience.

  2. well... yes.. but it's not entirely bad :/ look at the wii, how many are hacked? and look at it's sales. same with ps2. being able to mod your system is an incentive to buy.

  3. Ah but not many people will be able to hack and cheat in online games. I think it will improve the console. Might even persuade me into buying one...